Leonhard Kurz wins Tax Stamp Award

Fürth, Germany, February 13, 2017: At the Tax Stamps Forum in Berlin on January 31, Leonhard Kurz was recognized with the Excellence in Tax Stamps Award 2017. Felix Ehrtmann, Product Manager Tax Stamps at Kurz, accepted the award in the category "Best Innovation" for the modular Trustconcept Tax Stamps.

The Best Innovation Award is given for innovative materials and technologies that improve the security or production of tax stamps. The Kurz Trustconcept Tax Stamps won over the jury of international experts by linking a multiscan process via smartphone with varied information and functions in the related database. Tax stamps can be furnished with a Trustseal security foil, serialization, encryption and security printing elements. These features can be scanned and evaluated with a customer-specific app. Depending on requirement, tax stamps can be verified and additional product information called up, or track-and-trace functions can be incorporated.

"We are very proud of the accolade and happy to be able to provide tax authorities around the world with added value for traditional tax stamps. For Kurz this award is both recognition and incentive," explained Felix Ehrtmann.

The Excellence in Tax Stamps Awards have been given out annually since 2013 in three categories: "Best Innovation", "Best Tax Stamp Program" and "Best Design". The award presenter Reconnaissance International is a global publishing and consultancy organisation for authentication technologies.

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