TRUSTSEAL® Protect labels are forgery-proof

Fashion and luxury brands fight tirelessly against product counterfeiting. All known brands are affected by product piracy. In 2014 alone, customs around the world seized some 30 million counterfeited branded textiles and luxury items – and the trend is rising. Effective brand protection, therefore, is and remains indispensable.


Brands - mesmerizingly presented and perfectly protected

TRUSTSEAL® Protect and TRUSTCODE® software are designed to help you protect your branded products through the entire supply chain and across all distribution channels.

What’s more, product protection becomes part of your brand presentation with TRUSTSEAL® Protect. Integrated into the label or packaging design, our solution supports your branding while incorporating all the necessary security features.

Digital product protection features can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively in every single product with our TRUSTCODE® software. Encrypted QR codes and serialization are just a few of the options this technology opens up for you.


Beware of lateral imports

Prevent gray market activities in the luxury segment

The purchasing power of a country, in addition to production and delivery costs, has a decisive influence on the product price. This is an absolutely fair mechanism for pricing. What is ruthless, on the other hand, is someone exploiting this fairness to increase their own profit.

As soon as a brand manufacturer offers their product in different countries at different prices, it opens the door to lateral imports for gray market traders. Retailers purchase the goods cheaply from neighboring countries and thus circumvent the fixed purchase price set by the brand manufacturer. The results for the brand owner are clear: Massive sales losses due to import loopholes, lack of revenue, and a decline in purchases in countries with higher product prices. Protect your products from such gray market activities and rely on the individual brand protection solutions from TRUSTCONCEPT®!



Your advantages at a glance:

  • Fabulous designs
  • Tamper protection through visible and hidden security features
  • Unequivocal product authentication
  • Tracking through the entire supply chain
  • Building trust at the point of sale - and interacting with the consumer
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