TRUSTSEAL® Protect protects against diluting and refilling

High-quality wines and spirits are pure enjoyment for connoisseurs. But for some buyers, the precious goods are also a lucrative investment. Unfortunately, the high markups also attract counterfeiters who dilute the expensive original product or refill original bottles with inferior goods.

Genuine original packaging guarantees the buyer that they are really buying the desired product in unadulterated quality.



Tamper protection for wines and spirits

With TRUSTCONCEPT®, you protect the packaging of high-quality wines and spirits against tampering: the TRUSTSEAL® label or closure seal shows the consumer that they are buying a genuine product. Customs can verify the product's authenticity beyond any doubt. Combined with our TRUSTCODE® software, you can accurately track the path of the product within the supply chain, eliminating tampering and gray market activity.

TRUSTSEAL® Protect enhances your labels with very attractive and striking design elements.

Read more about labels with TRUSTSEAL® Protect and NFC integration for your packaging.

Read more about tax stamps for wine and spirits with TRUSTSEAL® Protect: tamper-proof and quickly and clearly identifiable.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Clear proof of origin
  • Efficient tamper protection
  • Protection against significant loss of revenue
  • Detection of gray market activities
  • Protection against image damage
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