Is it genuine? This simple question of origin, safety, and quality of products is asked millions of times every day:

By consumers, customs officials, and within your own supply chain. With our self-adhesive security labels, you can protect your products against counterfeiting and manipulation. When sealing packaging, for example, the labels serve as tamper protection and thus fulfill the proof of originality.


Security labels with TRUSTSEAL® Protect

Our tamper evident security labels with TRUSTSEAL® Protect clearly indicate even a minor detachment attempt. The holographic features increase the security value of your labels during visual authentication.

Tamper evidence by means of a transparent VOID label.

Laser-numbered self-adhesive security label which self-destructs during any detachment attempt.

Security label with multicolored barcode coupled with digital product protection via WeChat Mini App.

Security labels with TRUSTCODE®

Combined with our TRUSTCODE® software, you gain digital proof of authenticity - for redundant verification. You can also integrate further functionalities such as track and trace or business analytics into our solution. Talk to us about your requirements. We provide both the final label and the visual security hologram to be applied.

Your solution for more security:

  • Distinct tamper protection
  • Visible proof of originality
  • Increased manipulation protection
  • Additional digital verification with TRUSTCODE®
  • Other functionalities as required
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