TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels

The first choice for protecting your products

Is it genuine? Products must answer this simple question of origin, safety, and quality millions of times a day: For consumers, at customs, and within your supply chain. With our self-adhesive TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels, you can quickly and easily provide the right answer: Yes, this is a tamper-free original product. With the all-round package from TRUSTCONCEPT®, you can affordably protect your products against counterfeiting and tampering, thus maintaining the trust of your customers in the long term.

What do our security labels do?

We have equipped our TRUSTCONCEPT ® security labels with a multi-level security concept:

  • Visual protection: Diffractive security features protect against copying and present counterfeiters with completely new challenges
  • Mechanical protection: Our security labels function as security seal labels and first-opening protection
  • Digital protection: Our TRUSTCODE® security software provides easy authentication and proof of authenticity anytime and anywhere

Your label solution for greater security:

  • Distinct opening protection

  • Visible proof of originality

  • Increased manipulation protection

  • Serialization, QR codes, or barcodes


  • Track & Trace

  • Additional digital verification with TRUSTCODE®

  • Other functionalities as required

Choose your anti-counterfeiting strategy

Visual security features with TRUSTSEAL® Protect

Do you want to take your product protection to the next level? Then don't miss TRUSTSEAL® Protect for security labels: The mechanical protection features of TRUSTSEAL® Protect clearly indicate any attempted detachment. This increases the security value of your labels when it comes to visual authentication. Discover four selected features:


First-opening protection via a transparent VOID label.

Multi-colored safety label

Security label with multi-colored individual barcode, paired with digital product protection via WeChat Mini app.

NFC Tamper Loop

Digital seal security check Tamper Loop through NFC.

TRA Label

Double-sided security printing with the Total Release Authentication label.

Optimize your security label as a marketing tool

Apart from the security aspect, you now also have the opportunity to rethink your packaging strategy: Use the redesign of your labels to integrate further marketing functions. Additional features such as serialization, QR or barcodes, RFID, or NFC chips, open up new ways of digital communication and ensure a more satisfied customer relationship in the long term. For more inspiration for your custom security seal, simply request our free label brochure.

Digital authentication for your security labels

Combined with our TRUSTCODE® software, you gain another proof of authenticity: The digital authentication of your label. You can read the security information on your smartphone. With our TRUSTCODE® software, the information is verified, transferred to your ERP system, and analyzed in more depth with your own or our software solutions. You can also integrate further functionalities such as Track & Trace or business analytics into our solution.

Talk to us about your requirements. We provide both the final security label and the visual security hologram to be applied.

Buyer Protection for Retail and Online Businesses

Security labels don't just play a big role in retail. Online stores also rely on our TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels to optimize their returns process. Whether cosmetics, dietary supplements, or electronic products, our tamper-proof security seals can effectively save you time and money when processing returns. If you are a provider of food supplements or electronics, find out more about your options when teaming up with LEONHARD KURZ.

Your solution for more security:

  • Distinct tamper protection
  • Visible proof of originality
  • Increased manipulation protection
  • Additional digital verification with TRUSTCODE®
  • Other functionalities as required
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