Plagiarism is flooding the market across all industries. Counterfeits attack the value added
by brand manufacturers and trademarks. They unsettle consumers and often endanger consumer health.

Design that offers protection

With TRUSTSEAL® Protect thin-film technology, you protect branded products long term - even if only the mesmerizing design is recognizable at first glance. TRUSTSEAL® Protect boasts various integrated features that protect and reliably authenticate your products in the long term.

No matter if the technology is applied to tickets, security documents, packaging seals, or textile labels: TRUSTSEAL® Protect is extremely tamper- and forgery-proof: modification attempts can be recognized at a glance.

Serialization, track & trace, and business analytics

You can combine TRUSTSEAL® Protect with other features - from serialization via QR or barcodes to the integration of RFID or NFC chips. You can read the safety information on your smartphone. With our TRUSTCODE® software, the information is verified, transferred to your ERP system, and analyzed in more depth with your own or our software solutions.

TRUSTEAL® Protect safeguards labeling also: dual protection with TTR Unique VEROSPEC®

Many manufacturers swear by the reliable labeling solution TTR by KURZ for their security printing, which allows products that pose a security risk to be recalled quickly and easily in emergencies. Thanks to our abrasion-resistant thermo transfer films, your labels remain securely attached even in the event of mechanical impact – which often happens during transport. But what if the coding is not destroyed, but copied or manipulated? Make your printed product labeling even more counterfeit-proof! TRUSTCONCEPT® offers you an indispensable anti-counterfeiting package consisting of the visual security features of TRUSTSEAL® Protect coupled with our security extension for TTR Unique VEROSPEC®.


Unlike traditional thermo transfer printing, TTR Unique VEROSPEC® has a new hurdle in store for counterfeiters: The ink ribbon is equipped with an invisible, custom-designed security feature. To top it off, the ribbon can be easily integrated into your production chain. Brand owners can therefore effortlessly increase the security level of labels and sustainably protect their supply chain. And label printers can expand their portfolio with our new TTR Unique VEROSPEC® special labeling, thus completely satisfying their customers.

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All your benefits at a glance


  • Invisible, customer-specific security features
  • For product and batch numbers, barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, and much more
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • High printing speeds
  • Accurate print results
  • Suitable for different substrates
  • Reliability of supply guaranteed
  • Custom brand design
  • Proprietary technology
  • Visible and invisible security features
  • Application by means of hot stamping or cold foil transfer
  • TRUSTCODE® authentication fast and easy via smartphone
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