Guarding against counterfeiting

Luxury goods like wine and spirits are a favorite target of counterfeiters. Illegal refilling and relabeling cost the alcohol industry millions. Most people can hardly distinguish such rip-offs from the originals. And gray-market activity cuts into brand-owner profits as well. Put your trust in the security solutions from KURZ.

Our TRUSTCONCEPT® range of products provides all-round product protection – from forgery-proof holograms and integrated NFC label with Tamper Loop to database-driven authentication software. Your labels will set a high bar for counterfeiters.

Digital tamper protection: NFC with Tamper Loop

KURZ NFC labels with Tamper Loop put a tamper-proof seal on the closing caps of your wine and spirits in the luxury beverage segment. Our adhesive labels contain a digital seal – the Tamper Loop – which is read by the NFC scanner. The NFC scanner activates the circuit of the Tamper Loops and then reveals authentication information. But if the bottle has been opened by counterfeiters and the chip damaged by external force, the digital seal responds with an error message.

Properly armed with TRUSTCONCEPT®

We supplement your digital shield, an NFC label with Tamper Loop, with more safety features: Forgery-proof holograms with OVD effect are visible optical protective measures on safety labels. There are some selected sample holograms under our TRUSTSEAL® Protect heading. We top off your security package by combining it with our TRUSTCODE® software solution. Our digital authentication software relies on a powerful database system that works as an identification and marketing tool. It is the best way to protect your luxury goods from tampering and counterfeiting, plus can at the same time link into marketing analyses and campaigns for end customers.


  • Tamper-proof NFC digital seal with Tamper Loop
  • Very high product security
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Reliability of production for purchased products
  • System solution: digital and optical protection from a single source
You therefore would like to get an overview of our product or you did not have the chance to visit us at the congress, but would like to learn more about our innovative solutions for brand and product protection?

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Kontaktformular NFC-Loop

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