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A product. A smartphone. A scan. That’s all it takes to immerse customers in a shimmering digital brand environment with appealing content, interesting product information, socializing and validation options.

Order your WhiteCube box ‒ it will include an informative brochure, the WhiteCube plus colored packaging, to start experiencing Augmented Reality!


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The KURZ WhiteCube app with Augmented Reality features gives you an insight into the many solution modules of TRUSTCONCEPT®. Scan the optical elements of the WhiteCube and you will be able to experience the different operating modes of logo, barcode, TRUSTSEAL® and product ID directly with your smartphone.


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Order your KURZ WhiteCube box!

Our three-part box with brochure, WhiteCube and colored packaging provides you with an initial impression of the technical and graphic opportunities from our decoration and security features. Download our WhiteCube app and learn more about the four examples ‒ seen in the brochure or WhiteCube. Only one scan allows you to experience these functions in Augmented Reality. Start your digital journey through the KURZ AR world now!

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  • Order your WhiteCube brochure
  • Download the WhiteCube demo app and discover our unique products by scanning the printed elements


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Download our brochure

Get the KURZ WhiteCube brochure in your language

You can select from nine languages in the online version of our WhiteCube brochure. Please also order the print version to be able to use all functions. Only that contains our scannable decoration and security features.

Here's what you’ll find:

  • Practical examples of track & trace, referral marketing and much more
  • WhiteCube features in Augmented Reality
  • Compatible with Android and Apple iOS operating systems



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If you want to learn more about our smart solutions with it’s security features please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.