TRUSTCODE® - Communication software

Your opportunity in digital competition

Give your product digital prospects. Our innovative TRUSTCODE® software solutions bridge the gap between offline and online channels. You will always reach your customers at exactly the right time and place. Unleash entirely new opportunities in mobile marketing and boost customer loyalty by using content marketing and appealing sales campaigns. At the same time, TRUSTCODE® supports you in optimizing your logistics and guarantee processes.

This is how it works: Use the TRUSTCODE® app, individually tailored to your needs, to scan security features/product codes and immediately match them with the TRUSTCODE® database.

TRUSTCODE®, the fast and simple solution for brand protection and product identification was developed in association with KURZ Digital Solutions. Use the TRUSTCODE® app, individually tailored to your needs.


This is how it works: Select from the latest advanced security features including unique encrypted QR codes and serialization. Additionally, choose from advanced TRUSTSEAL® Protect optical security features. Scan and immediately match your branded item with the TRUSTCODE® database.

TRUSTCODE®Digital functions


Use your logo as an interface between real and digital touch points: A simple scan opens a new brand environment for your customers and you catch them right at the POS with activating advertising measures or additional information on the product.

With our intermedia solutions you can fully exploit new potentials in mobile marketing, such as  customer feedback, cross selling and after-sales service.


Draw attention and boost customer satisfaction. Using a multifaceted hologram you can convert any image format into an attractive eye-catcher with digital functions. Optical security, forgery protection and mobile marketing take on an entirely new appeal.

Here too, we provide you with a complete solution, including app and database system, so that your customers can experience your entire brand environment with just one scan.


Convenience is a key issue in POS marketing. Using barcodes, your customers can quickly and comfortably catch up on trending products and news.

Link your products to digital offers, tie in promotional measures and reinforce positive customer experience. We supply the appropriate app with the associated database system to provide your products with even better protection against brand and product piracy.

Product ID

Our complete package, featuring an attractive design and technical know-how, raises identification standards to new heights.

It combines visual appeal with sophisticated forgery protection to produce user-friendly verification options for your product. Matching and testing the predefined ID code is straightforward using the TRUSTCODE® app ‒ with or without data link ‒ via a database system. You can quickly and easily use features such as track and trace, authentication and after-sales service.

TRUSTCODE® Standard software solutions

Standard software solutions


Our base packages provide you with lots of advantages for track and trace, plus check and warranty processes. These include, for instance, monthly reports and activation overviews. For this we supply you with a database management system which records, analyzes and evaluates code queries. You can monitor every product movement and quickly detect parallel trade, while having the option to access micro-marketing data for generating custom-fit offers.

Individual software applications

Our experienced TRUSTCONCEPT® team develops individual solutions for you which are tailored precisely to your needs. From conception to connection to a new or existing merchandise management system, we fulfill all your wishes ‒ independent of operating system, of course. For permanent access to this data we provide you with a reliable server infrastructure, especially advantageous to logistics, marketing and sales.


Individual apps

We develop flexible and customized application software, entirely according to your requirements. We supply you with the complete technology ‒ from back-end and database to front-end ‒ in a lucrative overall package.

Augmented reality

Let customers experience your brand and your product more intensively. By incorporating AR applications into your app, you create a digital universe of breathtaking opportunities that will delight your customers.

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