Modular Solutions for Revenue Protection

Tax stamps secure revenue, protect products and raise consumer’s confidence in excisable goods. KURZ’ modular solutions for revenue protection furthermore offer a wide range of added value options to tax authorities and security printing companies.

TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps provides following modules:

  • TRUSTSEAL® Protect with covert and overt security features
  • TRUSTCODE® app and database – can be adapted to your wishes
  • Tax stamp wet glue label
  • Tax stamp pressure sensitive label
  • Serialization and coding
  • Order and supply chain management

Case studies

Secure and functional tax stamps

Linking tax stamps to the virtual world provides you with additional and valuable functions such as:

  • Track and Trace
  • Verification
  • Code checks
  • Code aggregation
  • Plus much more

Through this, tax stamps not only prove that duties are paid but also act as a communication and product protection tool between revenue authorities and consumers. With just a single multi-scan, TRUSTSEAL® Protect, serial number, code and other security features are captured and matched directly with the database.

It’s never been so easy to protect government tax revenues!


TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps app

Keep it simple!

TRUSTCODE® Tax Stamps is a web-based authentication, information and communication system that connects the real world to the virtual. TRUSTCODE® Tax Stamps designates visual authentication elements that are linked to a comprehensive database. Depending on authorities’ needs, the database contains product information for end users, data of product movements of excisable goods, and product validation data for customs. The data linked to the optical signs can be read by smartphones with a customized app.

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TAX STAMPS brochure

TAX STAMPS brochure
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