A powerful duo of aesthetic and security

Product protection from optical security features is gaining in importance against a backdrop of growing product piracy. Our TRUSTSEAL® technology goes far beyond the existing security standard for optical identification.

We combine spectacular visual appearance with modern functions which remain individual and secure, thanks to our constantly growing portfolio of visual effects.

TRUSTSEAL® Visual functions


Our solution for your product protection - unique designs developed in special manufacturing processes.
These optical effects provide high forgery protection for every application, raising a sophisticated barrier against counterfeiters.


The impressive depth effect of TRUSTSEAL® Lens breaks through the two-dimensional level. At a technical level, this effect is available as hot- or cold-stamping foil in a wide range of designs, in metallic colors as well as transparent.


Underscore the visual appeal of your product with our fancy design elements.

Brilliant color changes and 3D effects turn looking at your product into a real experience and stimulate unexpected appeal at the POS.


These illusions are seductive! The pseudo-plastic character of our TRUSTSEAL® SFX creates amazing spatial effects and seems to actually rise off the surface. A real eye-catcher that secures undivided attention for your products.


2D and 3D Effects

Two-dimensional image elements are spatially arranged over one another in various process steps.

This results in a 3D-like effect which lends optical depth to your logo.

2D Effects

Everything at a glance.

Using the master of a two-dimensional graphic we design optical effects which combine all information into one image plane.


Put a shine on your product.

Our high-precision partial metalization delivers an elegant silver shine on even the tiniest areas.

SecuPlus Color

Our SecuPlus Color partial metalization delivers exciting and brilliant color effects with high gloss, even on small and tiny surfaces.


The magical contrast effect of DuoColor draws all gazes.

The diffraction of light rays striking it creates a unique color flip.


Color elements with register to diffractive design - that's surface finishing deluxe.

Discover our wide variety of colors and designs.

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