Protect your original products against tampering

Safe medicines are a fundamental necessity for humans, and counterfeiting threatens our health. The World Health Organization estimates that 10 percent of the world's drugs are counterfeit.

We believe that every counterfeit is one too many. Serialization and first-opening protection as part of tamper evident drug packaging in the EU are therefore important steps towards greater drug safety.



Complete solution from tamper protection to traceability

TRUSTSEAL® Protect provides you with a complete solution that protects genuine products against manipulation. This will help you further improve your pharmacovigilance system.

Our tamper-evident labels and holograms protect your product packaging against refilling. Open, covert, and forensic security features further increase the level of product safety. You can automatically track the path of your products within the supply chain with our TRUSTCODE® software and identify them wherever you are in the world. We actively support you in your commitment to the highest level of drug safety.


TRUSTSEAL® Protect enhances packaging with very attractive and striking design elements.


Only your reader units will recognize the security feature - when and where you wish.


Security label with multicolored individual barcode in addition to digital protection.

Product security through invisible marks

With TTR Unique VEROSPEC®, you can check at any point in your supply chain whether a package is genuine. How this works is explained here: Product protection with TTR Unique VEROSPEC® Pharma.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Serialization for unique labelling
  • Traceability of medicines
  • Effective tamper protection
  • Security foils with open, covert and forensic security features
  • Mobile product authentication for consumers
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