In order for companies to monitor and optimize their supply chains, the processes must become transparent. Individual products, packages, or entire pallets of semi-finished or finished products must therefore be identifiable.

Your individual RFID tags

Our custom RFID labels can be placed on inner packaging, outer packaging, or the product directly. This allows you to automate physical goods inspection and track the path of your products through production and the supply chain. What’s more, our RFID labels work just as well as theft protection in retail stores. Warranty claims are also recorded and regulated using the same label - fast and easy via a handheld device.

RFID labels with TRUSTSEAL® Protect


Combined with TRUSTSEAL® Protect, the security value of your RFID label increases. The security hologram simplifies visual authentication and gives the consumer additional confidence.


RFID labels with TRUSTCODE®-Software


The information in the RFID chip can be read and digitally verified with our TRUSTCODE® software. Thanks to the cloud-based solution, this works anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. Offline authentication can also be implemented.

Track and trace – and optimize


Scanning is done via handheld device or stationary measuring points. The data is synchronized with the TRUSTCODE® database and the status is added.

Our solution supports the automated analysis of your supply chain – either through your ERP system or our TRUSTCODE® software. This also allows you to manage production capacity and stock levels in real time.



Your solution for more security:

  • Serialization
  • Unique chip ID
  • RFID chip integration in labels or packaging
  • TRUSTSEAL® Protect security hologram
  • TRUSTCODE® software solutions for tracking and optimizing supply chains

Read on to find out how to monitor and optimize the supply chain, and discover gray market activities.

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