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Reliable Packaging Protection for Your Tobacco Products

TRUSTCONCEPT®: More Security for Your Tobacco Products

Mass consumption and excise duties on cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and liquids fuel the trade in counterfeit tobacco products. The OECD and the EU estimate the value of counterfeits worldwide at more than $2 billion. In Germany alone, every fifth cigarette is thought to be fake. Bear in mind that it costs millions to build a brand – and only a fraction to protect them.

With the TRUSTSEAL® Protect visual security features, we provide maximum protection for your products against counterfeiting and safeguard your brand image. This gives you a low-cost means to ensure that originals really remain originals.


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Counterfeit Tobacco Goods? Not a Chance!

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Attractive brand design for tobacco products
  • Clear labeling of original products
  • Applied as a label or fully integrated in the packaging

Security Bonus for Your Tobacco Products

Proper Protection for Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, and Liquids


TRUSTSEAL® Protect enhances the packaging with very attractive and striking design elements.

Packaging design


Visual security features show the customer that the product they are holding is an original.

More protection


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Help your customers identify and authenticate original tobacco products by using our TRUSTCONCEPT® security solutions for protection against product counterfeiting. We have summarized all the benefits and possible applications with realistic animations for you.

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