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Tamper Protection for Wines and Spirits

Our Security Concept for the Alcohol Industry

Luxury goods like spirits and wine are high on the radar for counterfeiters. Illegal refilling and relabeling cost enterprises millions. The average person can hardly distinguish such rip-offs from the originals. And gray market activity cuts into brand owner profits as well. Put your trust in the security solutions from KURZ.

Our TRUSTCONCEPT® line of products provides comprehensive product protection, from high security holograms and integrated NFC labels to database driven authentication software. Your labels will set a high bar for counterfeiters.


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Your Benefits at a Glance:


Efficient product protection


Protection against significant loss of revenue


Detection of gray market activities


Protection against image damage

From Attractive Wine Label to Security Seal

Our Protection Concept for the Alcohol Industry

With TRUSTCONCEPT®, you protect the packaging of high-quality wines and spirits against tampering: The TRUSTSEAL® security label shows the consumer that they are buying an original product. Customs can verify the product's authenticity beyond any doubt. Combined with our TRUSTCODE® software, you can accurately track the path of the product within the supply chain, eliminating tampering and gray market activity.

Protect Your Products from Blending, Refilling, and Relabeling:

Protective Design

TRUSTSEAL® Protect enhances your labels with very attractive and striking design elements.

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Labels with NFC

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Secure Tax Stamps

Counterfeit-proof tax stamps for wines and spirits with TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps.

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Now It's Your Turn

Try Our Product Demonstration for Consumer Goods

Help your customers identify and authenticate original wine and spirit products by using our TRUSTCONCEPT® security solutions for protection against product counterfeiting. We have summarized all the benefits and possible applications with realistic animations for you.

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