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TRUSTSEAL® Digital: Combined Coding as a Unique Counterfeiting Block

For Digital and Physical Documents and Products

The innovative TRUSTSEAL® Digital anti-counterfeiting solution helps pharmaceutical companies, institutions, and authorities to easily and cost-effectively protect their digital and physical documents and products against manipulation and forgery. Although infection rates are falling, vaccination rates are rising, test strategies and vaccination campaigns are increasingly taking effect, but a new risk is already emerging: Falsified vaccination certificates and test results, and manipulated vaccination certificates. These illegal products on the black market pose an incalculable risk to individuals and society as a whole.

As one of the world’s leading providers of visual security concepts, KURZ has added a cutting-edge proprietary solution to its universally applicable TRUSTCONCEPT® portfolio for brand and product protection: TRUSTSEAL® Digital.

TRUSTSEAL® Digital: What’s New?

High-Tech Protection for Digital and Physical Products

TRUSTSEAL® Digital combines the TRUSTCODE® product coding solution with cryptographic encryption. As a result, product data is therefore backed up twice in a complex manner. The resulting QR or data matrix code only exists once worldwide. It is almost impossible to generate it again in the same way. A difficult challenge for counterfeiters to overcome.

Readable with Any Standard QR Reader or App

While TRUSTSEAL® Digital makes life difficult for counterfeiters with its double data encryption, the security solution for companies and institutions is very simple and effective in terms of integration and application. An existing QR code can be easily replaced with a new code created using TRUSTSEAL® Digital.

The new QR or data matrix code, whose stored data is stored on a secure database, is unique and can be read both online and offline with common standard QR readers and apps that can decode public keys.

Added Value for Companies and Institutions

The solution meets regulatory guidelines for vaccination certificates and comprehensively addresses product and document protection requirements – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturers from other sensitive sectors can also benefit from enhanced counterfeit protection for their products when using TRUSTSEAL® Digital. Since our dual data encryption is based on KURZ’s TRUSTCODE® technology, additional customer services or analysis features can be integrated into the QR or data matrix code.

If further security measures are required to protect digital and physical products and documents, TRUSTSEAL® Digital can be combined with additional applications from the TRUSTCONCEPT® range. Physical products and printed certificates benefit from TRUSTSEAL® Protect thin-film technology in addition to digital encoding. Product protection labels equipped with non-reproducible, holographic designs, for example, not only make products more secure; They also create a unique visual feature, which is a real competitive advantage in today’s largely saturated market.

Added Value for Authorities


Whether it's the forgery of identities, travel documents or vaccination certificates: Document fraud is on the rise. TRUSTSEAL® Digital protects your paper-based or digital documents and makes them impossible for criminals to misuse, in a cost-effective but secure manner using asymmetric cryptography.

TRUSTSEAL® Digital is a cryptographically signed data structure encoded in a two-dimensional barcode, usually a QR code or data matrix code. Possible applications include travel documents, visitor badges, or any other document whose authenticity and integrity needs to be ensured.

Because the technology and structure is publicly described in so called 'VDS profiles', it is possible that different parties (e.g. countries, organizations) will agree to mutually recognize and integrate these profiles into their existing processes.

Examples for VDS Profiles:

  • Arrival Attestation Document (Germany)
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Residence Permit Document
  • ICAO Visa Document
  • ICAO Emergency Travel
  • ICAO VDS-NC (used in Australia's COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate)

Easy and Low Costs to Produce

Save time and production effort. The VDS can be printed with any regular b/w printer.

100% Secure

Due to the underlying ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) signature it is impossible to falsify the data.


Easily verifiable with any normal smartphone. No special hardware required.

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