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No Industry Is Safe from Plagiarism

Time for a New Security Strategy

From the tobacco to the pharmaceutical industry – wherever profits are made, counterfeiters are always lurking, striving to enrich themselves at the expense of others. But as a brand manufacturer, what can you do about it remotely? The answer is: TRUSTCONCEPT® counterfeit protection for every industry. Why choose us? Because we provide you with a tailor-made security package of visual and digital security features, which we round off with a comprehensive range of services. And while your goods make their way to your customers safely and securely, you can easily digitally track the supply chain, have evidence of any tampering with your product, and uncover gray market activities. This will give you some security back and allow you to focus on developing your brand.

Your Product – Our Challenge

Cross-Industry Security Solutions

Every brand and product is unique. After months of extensive market observation, development time, and adaptation, your product is ready for market and perfectly tailored to your customers. And now you want to use a standard solution in security? Of course not! LEONHARD KURZ offers you a modular security concept that guarantees you the best possible protection for your specific industrial requirements.

New Tricks on the Web

Stand up to Counterfeiters Online Too

The black market is increasingly moving into the digital world, making it even more difficult for customers to distinguish fakes from originals. In particular, the new social media stores, which are supposed to make shopping more convenient, can quickly become a shopping trap for inexperienced users. Time and again, new stories emerge about counterfeit tickets, electronics, and luxury goods being confiscated. Hundreds of user accounts are blocked in the process. But before the fraud even comes to light, it often has already caused immense damage – for brand manufacturers and customers alike.

So it’s good that you have found us! In addition to expert advice, we also offer you the opportunity to test our security features in advance. Explore our two sample kits: The TRUSTCONCEPT® WhiteCube Box and the TRUSTCONCEPT® BlackBox.


Get our free brochure as well as the TRUSTCONCEPT® WhiteCube and find out how easy it is to interact with your customers.


Our TRUSTCONCEPT® BlackBox with inspiring security solutions for NFC tags is waiting for you.