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TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Products

Tailor-made Modular Solutions for Your Product Protection

Have you ever been the victim of counterfeiters? Or have you read about counterfeit or tampered goods in the media? Then you know the danger of counterfeits for the health of your customers and the reputation of your brand. At TRUSTCONCEPT®, we are committed to combating counterfeiters! By protecting our business partners and their original products, we can embark on a healthy, sustainable future. For more trust and a better quality of life.

The First Choice for Protecting Your Products

Distinctive and Highly Secure Visual Protection Elements

Gray Market Activity Tracking

Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Digital Verification

Safeguard Your Tax Revenue

Visual Security Features

Analog TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Products

Credibility results in long-term customer loyalty. The goal of every brand owner. Protect your products and your customers’ health at the same time. Rely on our analog TRUSTCONCEPT® security solutions. With our visual security features, counterfeit products can be quickly revealed and removed from the market. Game, set, and match for you!

Security Labels


The first choice for protecting your products

Security Features


Highly secure visual protection elements

Tax Stamps


Modular solutions to protect your revenues

Digital Brand Protection

Smart Modular TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Products

Choose digital product and brand protection and a whole new world of technical possibilities will open up for you. Starting with mobile identification using NFC or RFID labels for shipment tracking of your delivery, evaluation, and reporting, you have a whole range of smart security tools at your disposal. Get on board now!

Track & Trace


Gray market activity tracking

RFID Labels


Identification with only one scan

NFC Labels


Successful short-distance verification

Explore Selected Features in Advance!

KURZ In-app Product Demonstrations

Are you interested in our security products? Then see for yourself with the live application examples in our KURZ apps. You can test the range of functions for our applications in a combination package consisting of a free brochure including security label plus software. Order our security boxes now!


Get our free brochure and the TRUSTCONCEPT® WhiteCube and find out how easy it is to interact with your customers.


Our TRUSTCONCEPT® BlackBox with inspiring security solutions is waiting for you.