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Track & Trace

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Gray Market Activity Tracking

Business as usual, but your sales are still falling? Partners suddenly complain about the quality of your products that have been doing well for years? Then you should take urgent action! With TRUSTCONCEPT® Track & Trace, you can keep an eye on your products throughout the entire supply chain. Thanks to smart tracking, you can pinpoint the exact location of your goods and uncover deviations in the route. Illegal refilling and relabeling do not stand a chance. This not only secures your revenues but also protects the reputation of your brand and, in the best case scenario, the health of your customers.

Data Security at KURZ

Sensitive handling of your tracking data is our top priority. To do this, we use highly secure servers, which we service in-house. Your data is therefore not processed by external service providers, but remains on our premises. Our specially developed TRUSTCODE® Base database system stores, analyzes, and evaluates your data according to your requirements. Regular reports keep you informed of product movements so that you can uncover gray market activities speedily and accurately.

Technical Background for TRUSTCONCEPT® Track & Trace:

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A Complete Tracking Package

TRUSTCONCEPT® not only allows you to implement Track & Trace. In addition to product traceability, we also offer tailor-made label solutions that combine optical and digital security elements. This allows you to conveniently track your goods from your headquarters and at the same time, provide your customers with a tool for authentication at their destination. Optimizing your supply chain has never been easier.

Discover Our Combination Options:

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