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Security Features

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Security Features – Designed to Protect

Distinctive and Highly Secure Visual Protection Elements

Plagiarism is flooding the market across all industries. Counterfeits attack the added value offered by brand manufacturers and trademarks. They unsettle consumers and often endanger consumer health.

LEONHARD KURZ offers visually reliable protection for your products: Authenticatable brand logos, unique labels, and tamper-proof security holograms characterize the anti-counterfeiting portfolio of TRUSTCONCEPT® security features.

Simply Brilliant: Diffractive Security Holograms

Do you need counterfeit-proof optical forgery protection? With TRUSTCONCEPT® security features, we provide you with an extensive range of trustworthy, diffractive security holograms with visible, concealed, or forensic features. Reliable and flexible in form and function, our designs provide the security you need for your requirements. Our diffractive elements are manufactured with KURZ’s proprietary technology and represent an almost insurmountable barrier for counterfeiters.


Diffractive Black


Our security features for authenticating original products are based on proprietary OVD technology. Discover more examples of our TRUSTSEAL® security holograms here.


Diffractive TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Features at a glance:

  • Dynamic matte
  • Nanotext
  • Spotlight
  • Hidden information
  • Diffractive black
  • Latent contrust
  • Taggant
  • And much more

Free, Smart, Safe - TRUSTCOLOR® Plus for Custom Security Designs with Color Flip

Are you seeking greater flexibility for your security designs? Do you desire greater freedom in terms of shape and size - without compromising on maximum security? Then you should discover our groundbreaking continuous design TRUSTCOLOR® Plus with diffractive color flip effect. A simple tilt of the security feature is all it takes, and your customers can instantly verify the authenticity of your product thanks to a defined color flip.

Whether it's complex graphics like logos, individual codes, or special markings, with TRUSTCOLOR® Plus, you can integrate customized security features directly onto your packaging. The straightforward application via hot stamping makes TRUSTCOLOR® Plus a top-tier and robust security solution that enhances both product integrity and brand protection.


Get inspired with TRUSTCOLOR® Plus

Printed Security Features by TRUSTCONCEPT®

Security features protect products from manipulation and counterfeiting. We offer you highly efficient security features as a basis for your custom adhesive security labels. These include special substrates, matching UV fluorescent colors, VOID effects, serialization, and security printing. You can choose your features according to your requirements and put together your own individual label. If you need support with your security label, we will be happy to advise you. Please use our contact form to get in touch.


Our Top 3 Printed Security Features:


Guilloche security printing


Multi-color UV printing


VOID effect

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Hot Stamping and Cold Transfer

Robust, versatile, ready to use. Hot stamping is perfect for applying edge-defined, brilliant holograms with different security levels to your security label. This gives you the tried-and-tested TRUSTCONCEPT® protection and protects you against brand piracy in the best possible way.

Stay flexible and rely on cold transfer! With our KURZ cold transfer module DISTORUN®, for single images or wallpaper designs, you can transfer security down to the smallest detail – even on heat-sensitive materials. And best of all, this process is emission free, resource efficient, and doesn’t require you to make any changes to your usual printing process.


Whether hot or cold, we help you protect your product from counterfeiting – enjoy security Made in Germany!

Convinced? Then contact us. Together we create your customized and highly secure security feature