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Modular Solutions to Protect Your Revenues

TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps give you a modular package for maximum protection of your tax revenues. As an experienced partner for control elements and security features, we combine our expertise in the areas of OVD and security software to offer you the best possible security concept for your product. You can choose between modular individual solutions or a tailor-made complete solution. Get a first overview here or dive directly into the details on our product website

Rely on the Tax Stamps Award Winner

Our Tax Stamp Award-winning solution adds value for everyone involved in the lifecycle of your tax stamps: From production through the supply chain to the end customer. TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps can be enhanced with a range of additional and useful features, linked to digital added value, and tailored to your individual needs. Special features: The tax authority has full control and visibility at all times.

Convince Yourself:


Individually definable security features


Additional functions such as track & trace, verification, etc.


All desired information with only one multi-scan via smartphone; no extra device required


Access to information customizable for different user groups


Real-time information and alerts around the clock


TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps as wet-glue and self-adhesive labels


Security film can be applied by hot stamping, cold foil transfer, or DIGITAL METAL®

Modular Solutions for Tax Stamps

Maximum Flexibility through Freely Combinable Options

Our TRUSTCONCEPT® modules for tax stamps are available individually or as tailor-made complete solutions. For more information, visit us at or write to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Let's customize your Tax Stamps

Module 1: Diffractive Security Foils

Functional and Attractive Security Features for Tax Stamps

The TRUSTSEAL® Protect security films by KURZ form the first module of the three components. In addition to counterfeit-proof optical security elements, our TRUSTSEAL® film range is highly reliable and flexible in terms of both form and function.

Security Foils

Secure your tax revenue with TRUSTCONCEPT®

Module 2: Security Printing

Custom Printed Security Labels

As a second module, security printing elements supplement the diffractive security foil. When manufacturing your individual tax stamps, rely on our highly efficient, customized security package.

Security Printing

Modern tax revenue protection with digital support

Module 3: Security Software

Award-winning Counterfeit Protection Software

The TRUSTCODE® Base custom database, as the third module, can store product information for end customers, excise product transaction data, and product authentication data for your employees.

Security Software


Simple Product Authentication

Download the free TRUSTCODE® Tax Stamps demo app now and find out how quick and easy it can be to authenticate your products!

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To use all features of the app, please order the free Tax Stamps brochure as well.