Brand industries trust in TRUSTCONCEPT®

KURZ is an international manufacturer of functional and decorative coatings. KURZ's hot stamping technology is omnipresent: on packaging, electronics and household goods, vehicles and mechanical parts, cosmetic items, textiles, furniture and much more.

In the field of product protection KURZ is a world-renowned supplier of security concepts. KURZ TRUSTCONCEPT® stands for widely approved optical and digital security solutions: TRUSTSEAL® are optical security elements with customer-specific counterfeiting protection and a unique aesthetic. TRUSTCODE® apps connect to a high-security database with comprehensive product information for purchasers, retailers, customs and branded companies.

TRUSTCONCEPT®, with combined TRUSTSEAL® and TRUSTCODE® solutions, links the real world to the virtual world and makes products unmistakable. TRUSTCONCEPT® adds value to brands via custom-tailored brand protection, brand decoration and brand communication. Brand owners around the world rely on it.


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Schwabacher Str. 482
90763 Fuerth

Phone: +49 911 71 41-0

Fax: +49 911 71 41-357

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