Sample pack of TRUSTCONCEPT® NFC labels

NFC Labels

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Short-Distance Verification

How can you stage brand worlds when the environmentally friendly packaging is compact and tiny? How do you ensure that your customers purchase a high-quality original product – and not a substandard or harmful imitation? TRUSTCONCEPT® NFC labels are the smart solution!

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Consumer goods


Both systems are based on RFID technology for wireless data transfer. However, while RFID chips are used for authentication, NFC labels allow information to be exchanged between the tag and an NFC-compatible reader. As a result, the scope of application shifts from supply chain management with RFID, to end customer communication with NFC. This opens up completely new opportunities for brand owners to get in touch with their customers and offer them attractive digital marketing deals.

If you are unsure which application is best suited to your product, contact us. Our consultants are on hand to provide you with advice and assistance.

Benefits in a Nutshell:

Digital Tamper Protection: NFC with Tamper Loop

Even Smarter Product Protection

NFC is now even more effective: We have equipped our adhesive labels with an additional digital security feature – the Tamper Loop. This is read out via NFC. The NFC scanner activates the Tamper Loop circuit and then reveals authentication information. But if the product has already been opened by counterfeiters, and the chip damaged by external force, the seal responds with an error message.


Play It Safe!


Tamper-proof NFC seal with Tamper Loop


Very high product security


Quick and easy to implement


Attractive price-performance ratio


Reliability of production for purchased products


System solution: Digital and optical protection from a single source

Three Possible Uses – Individual, Combined, or Coordinated

More NFC Label Application Examples

Smart combo: QR Codes & NFC Tags

QR Code and NFC Tag

Counterfeits of safety-relevant parts such as brake pads can be risky in traffic because low braking power increases the risk of accident. As a brand owner, attach a security label with a QR code and an NFC tag on your product packaging.

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Add a mechanical seal onto your NFC label

VOID Label and NFC Tag

Counterfeit cosmetics threaten brand trademarks built with millions of investment. If counterfeits of inferior quality reach consumers, brands take an almost immediate hit. To guard against this, you as a brand owner choose a combination of visible and concealed security components in the packaging of your upscale facial care products: A VOID label on the outside and an NFC tag on the inside.

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Optical counterfeit prevention by TRUSTCONCEPT®

TRUSTSEAL® Protect Security Hologram and NFC Tag

Real connoisseurs love premium wines and spirits. To some, the pricey libations are even a lucrative investment. Unfortunately, the high profit margins also attract counterfeiters. That’s why you need to protect your expensive wines from imitations, While at the same time leaving the premium look unaffected. Use a security hologram with concealed NFC tag as an alternative to a visible QR code.

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NFC Labels in the TRUSTCONCEPT® Package

Secure Added Value for Your NFC Tags


TRUSTSEAL® Protect adds a security hologram to NFC labels. Thanks to a special decorative layer, the readability of the chip is not restricted despite its appealing appearance. You can access the NFC chip in the usual way without having to install an app on your smartphone. This will allow you to verify the authenticity of your products beyond doubt, and even check if the product has already been opened via the NFC Tamper Loop.

NFC labels with security holograms
Smartphone scanning a NFC label


TRUSTCODE® software simultaneously transforms your NFC label into an information portal or brand world. Depending on the target group, we integrate different functions for you, so that you can precisely tailor information to the user – such as safety instructions or marketing content.

Would you like to learn more about your options with TRUSTCONCEPT® NFC labels? Write to us!