Secure Wines and Spirits with TRUSTSEAL® Protect plus NFC Tag

Since customers also want to be sure they have an original bottle of their favorite chardonnay in their hands, they simply scan the label using the NFC function of their smartphone, without the need for further apps. Once customers are certain it is an original, they dig deeper into your brand environment. They can then receive a 10% discount on their next purchase, for example. Customers are furthermore easily provided with information on which dishes pair well with the wine they have purchased.

With our TRUSTCODE® app, you as a brand owner benefit from many other functions such as supply chain management, track and trace, and advanced data analysis. You can securely store your data in our certified data center, located in Germany. Create counterfeit-protected products and a unique customer journey with just one label.

Let our application examples inspire you! Together, we can develop a solution that exactly meets your requirements. Contact us – we look forward to working on interesting projects with you.


Discover our security features first-hand:

Order our TRUSTCONCEPT® BlackBox demo. More information about TRUSTCONCEPT® for wines and spirits can be found here.