BlackBox Demo-App

One Label. Multiple Protection and Interaction Options for You and Your Customers

The TRUSTCONCEPT® BlackBox demo app shows you the wide range of options for identifying your security label on the go. Using the example of an NFC label, we will give you a first glimpse at what your future custom security solution could look like with TRUSTCONCEPT®. Before you download the app, please request our latest printed brochure that comes with a sample label. Write to us at info(at) or use our contact form.

Use Case: TRUSTSEAL® Protect with NFC

The label: The TRUSTSEAL® Protect security hologram hides and protects the NFC inlay. In addition, the label contains an encrypted QR code which can only be decrypted with our security software. Encoded serialization provides additional protection and enables, for example, authentication via a web-based database query.

The scan: Once you have downloaded our TRUSTCONCEPT® BlackBox app, the scanning process can begin. Our smart multi-scan technology simultaneously captures various brand-specific codes such as serial numbers, QR codes, logos, and TRUSTSEAL®. This allows you to quickly identify your product and verify its authenticity. Further information such as seasonal events or discount campaigns can now also be retrieved.


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Try it for yourself and request our TRUSTCONCEPT® BlackBox brochure now! We will also be happy to meet you in person to discuss the full range of functions of TRUSTCODE® Base with Track & Trace, reporting, warning system, and much more. We look forward to hearing from you!