NFC Tamper Loop

Preventing Counterfeiting Correctly

Luxury goods like spirits and wine are high on the radar for counterfeiters. Illegal refilling and relabeling cost the alcohol industry millions. The average person can hardly distinguish such ripoffs from the originals. And gray-market activity cuts into brand-owner profits as well. Put your trust in the security solutions from KURZ.

You should therefore rely on TRUSTCONCEPT®! Our NFC labels with a Tamper Loop tamper-evident feature, seals the caps of your luxury items such as spirits and wine. Just one scan reveals whether your label has been tampered with via the NFC Tamper Loop.

This Is How it Works:

The label is read out using an NFC-readable smartphone. If intact, the user receives positive feedback. If it is already damaged, the user immediately receives a security warning. Furthermore, if the seal was broken, you can use digital metadata to identify when and where the label was tampered with.


Simply scan your TRUSTCONCEPT® NFC label with Tamper Loop using our smart TRUSTCODE® App.


Successful verification of your security label in no time at all – location-independent and reliable.


Tampered or fake seals are immediately revealed. This means that counterfeiters don't stand a chance!

Well Prepared

Discover the TRUSTCONCEPT® Product Family

Our TRUSTCONCEPT® range of products provides all-round product protection – from forgery-proof holograms and integrated NFC label with Tamper Loop, to database-driven authentication software. Your labels will set a high bar for counterfeiters. You can store both product information and web-based marketing campaigns in our NFC labels with Tamper Loop. Contact us for more details.