PCR test kits, rapid tests, vaccines, or medicines:

effective counterfeit protection for COVID-19 pharmaceuticals

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading. Tests and vaccinations have become essential components of comprehensive pandemic control strategies. The worldwide demand for secure test kits for PCR tests or antigen rapid tests is correspondingly high. Vaccine authorization procedures are running in parallel with coronavirus vaccination preparations, and it is already clear that there is going to be an immense need for future vaccines. In addition to testing and vaccination, the focus is on effective medications against COVID-19, which can also make a crucial contribution to coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Preventing the risk of counterfeiting

With such high demand and corresponding global sales of pharmaceuticals, counterfeiters have long since seen the pandemic as a business opportunity. This represents an incalculable risk for governments and pharmaceutical companies. After all, the impact of incorrect test results, and ineffective or even harmful COVID-19 vaccines or medications on the population and society as a whole would be severe.

Strategic coronavirus protection!

combining physical and digital security technology

As one of the world's leading providers of visual security concepts, we at KURZ have developed a counterfeit protection solution for COVID-19 pharmaceuticals; this is adaptable to your desired product protection level, depending on the components chosen.

Our COVID-19 counterfeit protection solution consists of an optical TRUSTSEAL® security element and TRUSTCODE® software, which is optionally available with an app. This combination enables manufacturers and customers to quickly and securely authenticate test kits, vaccines, and medications, and lets them track the flow of goods. At the same time, our plagiarism protection for COVID-19 pharmaceuticals presents counterfeiters with high hurdles, because it combines visual and digital security components specific to each customer.

TRUSTSEAL® – Instant visual check for greater COVID-19 product safety

TRUSTSEAL® elements are our visual security markers for easily checking your COVID-19 pharmaceuticals for counterfeits with the naked eye. This simple check is a first effective stage for your products and is currently indispensable because COVID-19 mass tests have to be carried out in a very short period of time.

TRUSTSEAL® diffractive security elements are manufactured using proprietary technology and are not commercially available. In the production of the high-resolution holographic images, distinctive light-diffracting visual textures are generated, which are easily recognizable from different viewing angles and even in unfavorable lighting conditions.

Standard or customized: the counterfeit-proof TRUSTSEAL® design

The standard KURZ COVID-19 design features a wide range of variable visual elements:

  • Easily recognizable, difficult to copy
  • Sequentially changing color structures with changing light incidence
  • Brightly shimmering guilloche patterns
  • Varying and static matte textures
  • Eye-catching 3D effect
  • Image changes with changing viewing angles
  • 0.4 mm microtext, readable with commercially available viewers
  • 0.07 mm nanotext, readable with special non-commercial reader


In addition to the standard design, custom COVID-19 TRUSTSEAL® designs with a wide range of visible, hidden, and forensic features can be produced to further enhance product protection as required.

Tamper-evident label for vaccines

Whether you choose one of our standard designs or an individual design: the TRUSTSEAL® security hologram can be applied to self-adhesive security labels made of paper, polypropylene, or polyethylene. These labels can be applied to the cardboard boxes in which vaccines are delivered to the planned vaccination centers as well as to each individual vaccination dose.

A VOID effect is integrated into every security label so that attempted manipulation is immediately evident. The intact label indicates that the contents of a box or individual packaging are in their original state.


Digital counterfeit protection and traceability

In addition to TRUSTSEAL®, our standard label for your COVID-19 counterfeit protection solution contains a data matrix code, serialization, a manufacturer logo, and a QR code. The QR code leads to the second component of the KURZ COVID-19 counterfeit protection solution: the TRUSTCODE® software, stored in the TRUSTCODE® database and controllable via mobile end devices such as handheld devices or the iOS- and Android-compatible TRUSTCODE® app.

Convenient app for authentication in seconds

The standardized TRUSTCODE® app is used to scan the serialized QR code on the security label and establish a connection to the TRUSTCODE® database. The testing physician receives immediate digital authentication of the COVID-19 test kits at hand. Decisive in light of mass testing: the powerful database can handle up to 30,000 requests per second. Benefit from more database-driven functionalities:

If you have special data-specific requirements for your COVID-19 counterfeit protection, we can also develop individual solutions to meet your requirements.


  • Once the test result is available, the physician can store reports.
  • Stored data can be evaluated, overviews and infographics generated, and information added
  • Test results and notes can be retrieved quickly
  • Information on the location and use of the goods - e.g., for authorities and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Supply chain tracking for COVID-19 test kits, vaccines, and drugs


KURZ counterfeit protection for COVID-19 pharmaceuticals at a glance:

Standard or customized, modular or complete: you decide with what level of protection you want to keep your COVID-19 test kits, vaccines, or medications safe. We will gladly advise you on which COVID-19 counterfeit protection solution is the right choice for your product and brand strategy.


The following components are available to you:

  • Visual protection with TRUSTSEAL®: Holograms with OVD effect
  • Tamper-proof VOID effect
  • Customizable security labels
  • QR codes, barcodes, and serial numbers included via TRUSTCODE®
  • Other security features: special substrates, adhesives, UV-fluorescent colors, and security printing
Image Matthias Kronawitter

If you want to learn more about our smart TRUSTSEAL® Protect solutions with it’s security features please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.