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Sustainable Security Labels

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TRUSTCONCEPT® Sustainable Security Labels

Making Brand and Product Protection even 'Greener'

Progressive climate change makes it essential to put sustainability at the top of the list of priorities. More than ever before, industry and trade are required to offer sustainable solutions and products that have as little impact on the ecological footprint as possible. The sustainable security labels from TRUSTCONCEPT® combine reliable product protection with well-founded sustainability. Efficiently protect your products against counterfeiting and manipulation, while reducing your CO2 emissions – and show your customers that the future of our planet is important to you. Take a shortcut to our sustainable demo labels here.

Your Benefits at a Glance:


Counterfeit protection and sustainability from a single source


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions


A wide range of sustainable substrates


No compromises on design and safety


Proven TRUSTSEAL® Protect thin-film technology 


Double protection with TRUSTSEAL® Digital


Real-time authentication with TRUSTCODE® security software

Making Security Labels 'Greener'

Our security labels have always been an important building block in LEONHARD KURZ’s TRUSTCONCEPT® brand portfolio. In order to make them more sustainable, we now offer our security features with individually combinable, environmentally friendly substrates. This means that you can deliberately bring more sustainability to your label design without having to forgo our tried-and-tested TRUSTCONCEPT® security technology. Take a look for yourself and discover our five exemplary ‘Eco Labels’ that will give you a first glimpse into our broad sustainability portfolio. Naturally, all of them are equipped with our TRUSTSEAL® Protect visual security elements for reliable protection against brand and product counterfeiters. Nothing stands in the way of seamless supply chain management and digital authentication with our TRUSTCODE® security software.

Eco Label Premium

  • The Eco Label Premium is a wood-free, yet paper-like label. It impresses with a high-quality, durable, and matte-gloss surface with a soft-touch feel, 80 percent of which is made of a waste product from marble decomposition.

Eco Label rPP

  • The white plastic label Eco Label rPP is largely made from recycled packaging foil. This sustainable version can hardly be visually distinguished from conventional standard polypropylene labels and is in no way inferior to these in terms of its known product properties.

Eco Label wbPP

  • The wbPP eco label is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic security labels. The transparent outer material is made from pulp production residues.

Eco Paper Label light

  • For the light Eco Paper Label light, the use of materials has been reduced to the necessary minimum weight, which means it noticeably improves your ecological footprint. The primary energy requirement, fresh water consumption, and the emission of climate-damaging CO2 can be demonstrably reduced here.

Eco Paper Label PCR

  • The Eco Paper Label PCR is made up of 99 percent post-consumer recycled fibers without losing any of its brilliance and adhesion. This paper security label also has a positive effect on your environmental balance.

How Does Sustainable Brand and Product Protection Work?

Our Multi-Level Security Concept for TRUSTCONCEPT® Sustainable Labels

Detail of sustainable security label by KURZ

+ Visual Protection

Our TRUSTSEAL® Protect visual security elements protect against copying and present counterfeiters with entirely new challenges.

Packaging detail with sustainable security label

+ Mechanical Protection

Our TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels function as reliable security seals and mechanical first-opening protection.

Smartphone verifying sustainable security label

+ Digital Protection

With our TRUSTCODE® security software, authentication can be carried out conveniently anywhere at any time.

Would you like to improve your environmental footprint and reduce CO2 emissions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will gladly provide you with our security label folder.