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Security Labels for Your Automotive Replacement Parts

When brake linings, V-belts and the like show signs of wear, they must be replaced. Unfortunately, there are lots of cheap imitations undercutting the original parts market. These knock-offs can not only damage the reputation of your brand, but even put customers' lives at risk. And counterfeiters are ever more brazen - not just design, but OE numbers, brand logos and original parts packaging are copied. Merely looking no longer suffices to distinguish original replacement parts from counterfeits.

Our Security Features at a Glance:


Holograms for simple and fast visual authentication (OVD effect)


Encrypted QR codes & barcodes


Printed & lasered serial numbers


Dual serialization of OVDs

Our Expert Solution: Security Labels with Holograms

TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels provide effective protection against tampering and falsification: our security solution TRUSTSEAL® Protect delivers high security holograms that act as optical security features to protect your original automotive replacement parts. Reliable in form and function, our hologram designs provide greater security than conventional security laminates. It doesn't matter if the security features are visible, concealed or forensic, diffractive elements from TRUSTCONCEPT® set a high bar for counterfeiters in the automotive industry.

Check the TRUSTSEAL® Security Features on Your Label

Dyna Key

The anti-copy DynaKey effect appears to the naked eye as a patterned, matte area. When a special viewing device is superposed, rows of repetitive text 'OK' become visible.


By using a magnifier or microscope, the text 'ORIGINAL' can be seen.

Single Modules

Whether you need a convenient all-in-one package or just wish to supplement your security solution, we are flexible and adapt to your needs. We supply fully-fledged security labels as quickly and hassle-free as we do single OVDs and blank labels – with full service!

Our highly efficient security features, which include special substrates, adhesives, UV fluorescent colors and security printing, match up well with your customized, self-adhesive labels.

Our Digital Solution: TRUSTCODE® Security Software

So that vehicle manufacturers and authorized dealers can better authenticate their original replacement parts, we also offer our web-based security software TRUSTCODE®. With this custom-tailored software your customers can read security labels with just one scan to validate serial number, QR code and barcode against our TRUSTCODE® database. In addition to authenticating your products, our database-supported software also performs other functions like tracking, and generates reports and alerts to reveal gray market activity. Your Big Data Bonus: all queries are logged in our database, analyzed and assessed specific to each customer in order to optimize processes. Product information and marketing campaigns to boost customer loyalty can also be incorporated.

Discover Our Benefits for the Automotive Industry:

  • TRUSTCODE® web-based identification software
  • With optional customized app
  • Encrypted 2D codes & barcodes
  • TRUSTCODE® Base – highly secure database with 24/7 access to your data
  • Track your products via TRUSTCODE® Base



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