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TRUSTCONCEPT® Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

The two greatest needs facing the cannabis industry are brand protection and brand definition. Counterfeiting is already becoming a problem with cannabis products and brands, threatening credibility and licensing. KURZ offers a variety of solutions for counterfeiting without compromising logistics or design potential.

Your Advantages at a Glance:


Enjoy powerful brand protection


Authenticate original products


Monitor purchase/supply chain


Detect illegal market activities

TRUSTSEAL® CannaSecure

Introducing TRUSTSEAL® CannaSecure, our new standard security design exclusively developed for the legal North American cannabis market. It is available as transfer decoration for permanent application onto primary and secondary packaging and labels by printers and converters, as well as a finished, pressure-sensitive tamper-evident label for direct application onto cannabis products and their packaging by brand owners and their supply chain.

TRUSTSEAL®CannaSecure helps protect your cannabis product and cannabis-related hardware from counterfeiting attempts and authenticates your product as genuine. Its design contains a balanced combination of colorful and achromatic proprietary structures, easy to verify and hard to duplicate security elements, covert security features and an unmistakable 3D feature that appears embossed but is flat to the touch. Both products are made with sustainability in mind for the ever-evolving needs of a challenging industry. Use as main decorative or security packaging feature, on-product or as a closure label.

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TRUSTCONCEPT® Product Demonstration

TRUSTCONCEPT® gives you a customizable verification that combines the unique optical security features of our TRUSTSEAL® technology with flexible TRUSTCODE® software solutions. The authenticity of the product can be verified by customers, distributors, and dispensaries in real time – very easily, using an app. As a result, purchases become transparent and black market activities more visible.


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