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Security Labels for Your Food Supplements

Dietary supplements are a firm component of many nutrition regimens. Whether it is baby food or special food like energy bars, customers rely on the quality of their supplements. Counterfeit dietary supplements are often ineffective or have only a placebo effect and can even be hazardous to health. Contaminated preparations of dubious origin can contain melanin, steroids and the like, and even trigger allergies.

Protect the Health of Your Customers with TRUSTCONCEPT®:

Modules made to measure: Along with the complete package for your product protection, we can help you expand your existing security solutions. As well as fully-fledged security labels, we also supply OVDs and blank labels. All with, of course, our comprehensive consulting service.


Tamper-proof VOID effect


Optical protection: Holograms with OVD effect


Customizable security labels


QR codes, barcodes and serial numbers included


Other security features: special substrates, adhesives, UV-fluorescent colors and security printing

How to Protect Supplements Like Formula Milk with Smart Solutions?

An Optical Protective Varrier: TRUSTSEAL® Protect for Dietary Supplements

Use TRUSTSEAL® Protect to ensure your customers continue to choose your vitamins, proteins and minerals. Our anti-counterfeiting package of optical security elements consists of closure seals, wet- and self-adhesive security labels with multi-layered protection against falsification. What's more, and in addition to high security holograms, we offer security labels with a VOID effect. Just a glance at the VOID label reveals if the dietary supplement has been opened. Counterfeiters don't stand a chance!

Check the TRUSTSEAL® Security Features on Your Label:

Surface Relief

Unique impression of depth and motion to the design element, it seems to be tactile while in fact, it is completely flat.


By using a magnifier or microscope, the text 'ORIGINAL' can be seen.

Latent Contrast

When the label is tilted strongly forward, the small locks and the brand 'LOGO' appear dark against a bright background.

TRUSTCODE® Location-Independent Security Check

Your distribution partner can check the authenticity of your dietary supplements with just a scan of the security label. Whereas packaging design, information on contents and product number are easy to falsify, our security holograms combat product counterfeiting. Our TRUSTCODE® Base database uses QR codes on security labels to confirm authenticity and location of goods. You can easily reveal not only gray market activity, but also target end customers with web-based apps. All free of complexity, and independent of time and location.

Discover Our Benefits for Food Supplements:

  • Web-based KURZ TRUSTCODE® security solution
  • Product authentication & tracking via TRUSTCODE® Base
  • 24/7 access to your data
  • QR codes form the interface to our powerful database TRUSTCODE® Base
  • Generate database driven alerts & reports
  • With optional customized app
  • Link with marketing targeted to end customers



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