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Total Release Authentication Labels: Product Protection at all Levels

We make your product protection many-sided, in the truest sense. Our TRA label uses both front and reverse side authentication to set new standards for functionality. Optical security elements and a QR code on the front, as well as an additional one-time security code on the back, bring the best out of your secure release label. Along with optical and digital, of course, there must also be mechanical protection, automatically provided courtesy of the reverse side printing on our TRA label. If the security label is peeled off, not only does the verification code on the back appear, but potential tampering with the seal can be detected immediately, thanks to the visible VOID security effect.

It Works Like This:

  1. Optical security elements checked visually by the end customer
  2. QR code scanned with mobile device
  3. Forwarded to digital authentication page (web or app)
  4. Security label removed
  5. Verification code on reverse of label entered into webpage or app code window for one-time security authentication

Reverse Side Printing for Security Labels Layout and Function

Front Side

  • Custom brand design
  • QR code leads to authentication application (website or app)
  • Safety Plus: Visual security elements like diffractive logos, holograms, etc.

Reverse Side

  • Mechanical first-opening protection with visible VOID effect
  • Verification code for final one-time security check

TRA labels – More than Product Verification

Front Side Printing: Focus on Design

Product security need not be sacrificed to design. TRA labels from LEONHARD KURZ let you blend closure authentication seals with creative package design. We will provide you with attractive and functional label designs for front side printing, custom made for you. Whether you focus on design elements or tying in additional security features like visible VOID and/or hologram effects, we adapt to your wishes. Talk with our advisory service team and together we will come up with the best security solution for your quality product.


Reverse Side Printing: Added Digital Security Value for Customers

Like a VIP ticket, the coding on the reverse side of our TRA labels opens the door to your exclusive digital brand environment for your customers. And this key provides even more benefits: As well as one-time product authentication via mobile device, more features can be tied in as app benefits. Bonus material like product information, certificates, seasonal offerings and coupons hone your brand identity, inspire trust, and sustain customer loyalty. At the same time, we support your tracking efforts with localized scanning, and by directly and promptly uncovering gray-market activity. Let us advise you!


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