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The customer opens a package containing counterfeit clothing items

Fake Textiles Worth Nearly £400,000: British Sellers Convicted

Three individuals in the southeast of the United Kingdom have been found guilty of selling counterfeit designer underwear, boxers, and T-shirts online, generating almost £400,000 (€465,500) in illegal revenue. The trio were convicted in November 2023 for unauthorized use of a trademark and sentenced to imprisonment, among other charges.

They sold the fake luxury underwear on eBay. An undisclosed brand filed a complaint with the auction and sales platform, leading to the removal of the counterfeits for a few days. However, after renaming the seller account, the fakes were once again offered for sale. Investigations by the London police later revealed that the account had sold 18,567 fake undergarments for a total of £250,000 and 8,107 counterfeit T-shirts for a total of £145,000.

This case underscores once again the crucial need for efficient security solutions for manufacturers of branded textiles and luxury goods. All well-known brands are affected by counterfeiting and relentlessly combat the ever-increasing threat of product piracy.


Image: Polina Tankilevitch (Pexels)