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Close-up view of a bowl with olive oil. Is it counterfeit or an authentic product?

Inedible: EU Authorities Seize over 260,000 Liters of Adulterated Olive Oil

European law enforcement authorities have arrested eleven olive oil counterfeiters and confiscated over 260,000 liters of inedible ‘extra virgin olive oil.’ The coordinated action by Europol to combat food fraud and counterfeiting was initiated by the Spanish Guardia Civil in collaboration with the Italian Carabinieri. Investigators uncovered that the criminals used so-called ‘lampante oil,’ the lowest-quality variant of olive oil, to dilute their product in this food fraud. Lampante oil is an unpleasant-smelling and foul-tasting extra virgin olive oil made from spoiled olives picked up from the ground or swept together. It has an elevated acidity level and is unsuitable for consumption. The term ‘lampante oil’ originates from its historical use as fuel for oil lamps.

Extra virgin olive oil is particularly prone to counterfeiting. The interplay of various factors such as high demand, crop failures, general price inflation, and the simplicity of counterfeiting has created the perfect breeding ground for unscrupulous manufacturers. The increasing prevalence of counterfeits poses a significant risk to public health and undermines consumer trust. With reliable product protection, brand owners can safeguard their brands from harm. To add an attractive bonus, our TRUSTSEAL® SFX designs ensure a stunning refinement with integrated optical security features.


Image: Pixabay (Pexels)