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Infamous Prize for Brazen Counterfeiters

If you want to spot differences between counterfeited and original products here, you’ll need to look very closely. Since 1977, the Plagiarius Association has been awarding its infamous 'Plagiarius' prize – a black dwarf with a golden nose – to the most brazen counterfeiters. The aim of the initiative is to pillory intellectual property thieves for their crimes, thereby raising awareness among politicians and industry, but above all among consumers, of the problem of brand and product piracy.

After all, counterfeit products do not just cause enormous economic damage to the manufacturers of the original products, but consumers will typically not be able to enjoy their purchase for very long either! Upon closer inspection, major quality differences in terms of material, workmanship, and functionality quickly become apparent.

If you want to give consumers the certainty that they are purchasing a high-quality original, you should focus on sustainable product protection. Feel free to contact us for an early look at our flexible security solutions against counterfeitproducts.