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Vaccinated, Recovered, Falsified: Countering Fake Vaccination Passport Dealers

Access restricted to vaccinated or recovered individuals: Due to the high number of infections, very strict COVID-19 restrictions currently make it difficult for unvaccinated individuals to participate in everyday life. All the more so, the trade in counterfeit vaccinations is flourishing, as they enable access to restaurants, retail outlets, and nightlife venues even without being vaccinated. According to a ZDF report, the police reported an estimated 6,000 investigations into such fraud at the beginning of December. How many counterfeited vaccination passport are in circulation? We don’t know for sure. But experts estimate the number of unreported cases to be very high. In addition, more and more digital vaccination certificates are circulating that are not genuine. This is a fatal development set to become an incalculable risk in the fight against the pandemic. 

With its proprietary OVD technology, KURZ, as the world’s leading provider of visual security applications, offers an innovative solution for pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccine. The security feature can be applied directly to the label, is easy to check visually, and at the same time offers the highest level of counterfeiting protection.

Image: Nataliya Vaitkevich (Pexels)