How can you protect brand worlds when the packaging surface is tiny? How can you assure customers that they have purchased a high-quality genuine product - and not an inferior or hazardous counterfeit?

With this in mind, we have made smart NFC labels even smarter. We have equipped them with TRUSTSEAL® Protect and TRUSTCODE® software.

NFC labels with TRUSTSEAL® Protect


TRUSTSEAL® Protect adds a security hologram to NFC labels. You can access the NFC chip in the usual way without having to install an app on your smartphone. The security hologram will allow you to verify the authenticity of your products beyond doubt and even check if the product has already been opened.

NFC labels with TRUSTCODE® software


TRUSTCODE® software makes your NFC label an information portal or brand world at the same time. Depending on the target group, we integrate different functions for you so that you can precisely tailor information to the user – such as safety instructions or marketing content.

Your solution for more security:

  • Serialization
  • Unique chip ID
  • NFC chip integration in labels
  • TRUSTSEAL® Protect security hologram
Image Matthias Kronawitter

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