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Damage to the Economy and a Risk to Health

Louisville, USA, February 2021: Customs and Border Protection seized a shipment of 1,570 counterfeit luxury goods featuring labels by brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Mickey Mouse. The estimated total price of the corresponding genuine goods would be over $821,000! Customs authorities repeatedly report such alarming figures of confiscated counterfeits. Officials also regularly catch out brand and product pirates in Germany; a recent discovery by the Wetzlar Customs Office is alarming evidence that counterfeit products not only cause enormous economic damage but, in the worst case, also pose a risk to health: Two consignments with a total of 140,000 FFP2 masks and medical face masks were seized. Customs officials’ doubts about the proper labelling and conformity with the certificates presented, and thus ultimately the safety of the goods, were quickly confirmed. The FFP2 masks have been classified as a ‘dangerous product’ due to their too high permeability!