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Dangerous Counterfeits: Germany Is the Main Target in the EU

In the European Union, counterfeit products that pose a relevant health, safety, or environmental risk are confiscated time and time again. The 2022 study ‘Dangerous Fakes: Trade in Counterfeit Goods that Pose Health, Safety and Environmental Risks’ by the OECD and EUIPO has shown that Germany is the main target in the EU with approximately 47 percent of all customs seizures. Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and Austria are also affected - albeit significantly less. Internationally, Germany comes in behind the USA in global confiscations (21 and 37 percent, respectively). According to official data, the most frequently counterfeited products include perfumes and cosmetics, clothing and toys, plus automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, electric systems, and electronics.

Counterfeit products can pose serious risks to the health and safety of consumers. Fake food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics can have life-threatening effects. Illegal pesticides can harm the environment, while inferior spare parts such as car batteries affect road safety. In addition, over time, the trade in counterfeit goods also massively harms a brand’s value and image. To find out how manufacturers can identify gaps in the protection of their products and effectively close them, read our white paper ’How counterfeit-proof is your product?’.


Image: 652234 (Pexels)