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Hong Kong: 2,000 Counterfeit Luxury Watches Seized by Frankfurt Customs Office

Twelve packages with a total of 2,164 counterfeit watches from eleven different luxury brand manufacturers - that is the result of a confiscation by German customs at Frankfurt Airport. The freight shipment from Hong Kong was addressed to a recipient in Macedonia. After the affected original manufacturers confirmed the suspicion of counterfeiting, the counterfeits were destroyed.

The value of comparable original goods amounts to around 170 million euros. Brand and product piracy, as in this case, not only causes sales losses and reputational damage, but also inhibits fair competition and the creation of new jobs. Last year, almost 9,000 border seizure proceedings were opened at the Frankfurt am Main customs office. More than 265,000 counterfeit products with a total value of around 38 million euros were seized.

Effective counterfeit protection is and remains essential for fashion and luxury brands. That’s why KURZ has developed TRUSTCODE® and TRUSTSEAL® Protect, dual protection for luxury goods and textiles.


Image: PIRO4D (Pexels)