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Increasing Number of Counterfeit Car Spare Parts in Circulation

Whether brake discs, rim covers, or headlight switches – counterfeit car spare parts are increasingly spreading on relevant online sales platforms, sometimes at strikingly low prices. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting temporary closure of car dealerships has further accelerated this development in recent months.

Consumers who believe they are getting a bargain online therefore endanger themselves and other road users – after all, high-quality car spare parts are essential for road safety.

In order to protect themselves and their customers, several well-known car manufacturers have declared war on counterfeiters. VW and Daimler, for example, were involved in several hundred raids last year. VW reports around 6.5 million euros worth of confiscated counterfeit car spare parts. Another component in the strategic approach to combat counterfeit products is the ’Manufacturers Against Product Piracy’ (MAPP) industry initiative, which was launched by members of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA).

Car manufacturers and suppliers can also protect their products with reliable TRUSTCONCEPT® security features and ensure a high level of transparency in the supply chain.