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More Effective Consumer Protection Required

With its proposal to update the General Product Safety Directive, the European Commission aims to strengthen the rights of consumers in an increasingly digital world. The German brand association Markenverband e.V., however, does not believe that the revision goes far enough. According to the association, the legal measures should aim to truly protect consumers from the existing dangers on the internet. As Christian Köhler, Managing Director of Markenverband e.V., emphasized, the risks that counterfeit products pose to the user must also be taken into account. After all, counterfeits in sensitive areas – for example, in the pharmaceutical or safety-relevant car spare parts sectors – can even be life-threatening. Köhler considers the Digital Service Act, which is currently being voted on, as a suitable tool to prevent counterfeit products from being offered online in the future.

Until then, manufacturers can also take action themselves and make their products counterfeit-proof by taking appropriate measures. Reliable brand and product protection from TRUSTCONCEPT® provides long-term support for customers from a wide range of industries in the fight against brazen counterfeiters and gives consumers the necessary security.