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Ticking Time Bomb: This Is How Dangerous Counterfeit Components Actually Are

The fact that counterfeit products can cause immense damage, and not just in economic terms, is highlighted by the latest reports from the USA: For example, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently pointed out that inferior counterfeits were used instead of original components in many nuclear power plants in the United States. An extremely dangerous way to save money on a construction project, as it poses a great risk of fire! This is because the counterfeit products were also found in safety-relevant areas, such as temperature monitoring devices or water pump shafts, which are particularly important in emergency situations.

The overall extent of the fraud is not yet clear at this stage. Investigations initiated based on insider information are ongoing. One thing is certain, however: In the worst case scenario, the actions of these most brazen counterfeiters and the attempts by the nuclear power plant operators to build as cheaply as possible could have cost human lives. To ensure that you are not falling for counterfeiters and their inferior components, you should take a close look at the products and ensure that they are genuine. KURZ offers manufacturers the suitable security solutions for this.


Image: diselAPPArath (pixabay)