Several cans of insect repellent with TRUSTCONCEPT® safety label


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Protect Your Agrochemical Sales

Our Contribution to Your Healthy Agriculture

The trade in illegal pesticides and low-quality seeds in the agricultural sector is flourishing. Experts believe that counterfeits make up 10 percent of the trade that enters world ports under the banner of established agrochemical brands. While fake seeds cause crop failure for farmers, counterfeit pesticides contaminate the soil.

Moreover, these counterfeit products threaten our health. Effective product protection is therefore indispensable. The declaration of origin, traceability of products, and a fully monitored supply chain are in the interest of producers as well as farmers, and ultimately, of consumers.

First-Opening Protection, Traceability, and Product Authentication

For Seeds and Pesticides

TRUSTSEAL® Protect is our contribution to an intact agricultural economy. Our security labels seal closures and containers. They identify original packaging and are clearly coded multiple times. Implemented as a RFID sticker, among other options, your products can also be tracked along the supply chain and easily recorded in ERP systems. As a result, farmers can be sure that the desired original product grows on the field and not a fake.

Reliable Product Protection:

  • Declaration of origin for seeds and pesticides
  • Brand protection through product authentication
  • Tracking individual shipments – to detect gray market activities
  • Protection against refilling

It Works Like This

Step-by-Step Product Protection for Agrochemicals

Step 1

Apply a TRUSTSEAL® label with visual security features.

Step 2

Scan the label with our TRUSTCODE® software.

Step 3

Your label is authenticated in seconds.

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