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Active Product Protection for the Automotive Industry

TRUSTCONCEPT® Protects OEM Parts from Imitation

Counterfeit spare parts such as rims, air filters, oil filters, brake pads, brake discs, or spark plugs cannot always be distinguished from the original. But they harm manufacturers and suppliers as well as customers in several ways.

Counterfeits of safety-relevant parts such as brake pads can be risky in traffic because low braking power increases the risk of accident. The fast wear requires premature replacement of the parts. If negative experiences of motorists and motorcyclists accumulate, even the brand image of the manufacturers can suffer.


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How Do You Protect Car Spare Parts with Smart Solutions?

The Key to Automotive Security

With TRUSTSEAL® Protect, we protect automobile manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, and the parts trade against plagiarism. Visible and invisible security features distinguish the brand product from the imitation. You can authenticate the products in question in real time with our TRUSTCODE® digital security solution. You can also receive customized reports that you can use to monitor your spare parts over a longer period of time. As a result, the supply chains for your OEM parts become more transparent, and gray market activities more visible.

Reliable Protection of Original Spare Parts:

  • Effective brand protection for the OEM and aftermarket
  • Authenticate original products
  • Track down plagiarism
  • Monitor supply chains for original equipment and spare parts
  • Detect parallel imports and re-imports

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Help your customers identify and authenticate original replacement parts by using our TRUSTCONCEPT® security solutions for protection against product counterfeiting. We have summarized all the benefits and possible applications with realistic animations for you.

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