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Pharmaceutical Safety Starts with Packaging

Increase Confidence in Your Pharmaceuticals

Safe medicines are a fundamental necessity for humans, and counterfeiting threatens our health. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 10 percent of the world's drugs are counterfeit.

We believe that every counterfeit is one too many. The serialization and the first-time opening protection of drug packaging are therefore important steps towards greater drug safety.


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Complete Solution from First-Opening Protection to Traceability

Security Labels with TRUSTSEAL® Protect

Our overt, covert, and forensic security features, TRUSTSEAL® Protect, safeguard your pharmaceuticals, medications & more. Our patented security holograms help your customers directly verify the authenticity of your products.


TRUSTCOLOR® Plus for Endless Designs

Our diffractive hexagon design showcases its security function with a color flip from green to blue upon tilting. Applied via hot stamping, it offers a multitude of design possibilities in size and shape for your security design.


Security Software TRUSTCODE®

With our TRUSTCODE® security software, you can automatically track the journey of your products within the supply chain and identify them remotely from any location. Thus, we actively support your commitment to the highest pharmaceutical security.

Security Features for Pharmaceuticals


Our Security Range for You:


Serialization for unique labelling


Traceability of medicines


Effective first-opening protection with VOID visibility


Overt, covert, & forensic security features


Mobile identification

3 Security Modules for Your Pharmaceuticals


Enhances the packaging with very attractive and striking design elements.


VOID Effect

Indicates that packaging has been opened.

VOID & more2

Security Labels

With multi-colored individual barcode plus digital protection.

Security Labels3

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Help your customers identify and authenticate original pharmaceuticals by using our TRUSTCONCEPT® security solutions for protection against product counterfeiting. We have summarized all the benefits and possible applications with realistic animations for you.

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