Supply Chain Management

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TRUSTCONCEPT® Protects the Integrity of your Supply Chain

Complex supply chains are vulnerable to embezzlement and fraud. We therefore support your supply chain management with seamless monitoring of the entire value chain – from the individual production steps until delivery to sales or the end customer.

TRUSTCONCEPT® Supply Chain Management at a Glance:


Protection of complex and dynamic supply chains


Identity check, track & trace through the entire value chain


Global system monitoring


Real-time monitoring, analysis, and control

Track and Protect

On the one hand, TRUSTCONCEPT® security solutions allow you to visually check the identity of products. At the same time, you can track the movement data of the goods. Our TRUSTCODE® software has several features for this purpose: For example, it is used for online authentication or is your link to the ERP system or a cloud application.

Real-time Monitoring, Analysis, and Control

Dynamic supply chains often need fast coordination. TRUSTCODE® security software shows you real-time tracking data as soon as a product has passed through specific stations and has been scanned there. It works everywhere on your premises and in global logistics with its mobile data network.

For analysis and control, you can use either your tools or ours.

Digital Product Passport

Proof of Sustainability with Added Value

According to an upcoming EU directive, companies must provide their products with proof of sustainability, which needs to contain information on all environmental indicators.

Prepare for the changeover today and gain a market lead with the KURZ Digital Product Passport. The new solution covers all required content and can be enhanced with additional digital content.

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Advantages of the Digital Product Passport:


Comprehensive proof of sustainability with information on CO2 footprint, resources, and more


Reliable counterfeit protection with proven security technologies


Numerous digital bonus features such as online warranty or information on the brand


Easy to integrate

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