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Your Brand for Security Elements

Visual security elements have a prominent name here: TRUSTSEAL® Protect. As their name suggests, the security seals combine design and protection for labels, packaging, and more. No matter if the technology is applied to tickets, marks documents, seals packaging, or labels textiles: TRUSTSEAL® Protect is exceptionally counterfeit- and tamper-proof – any manipulation attempts are recognized by the naked eye.

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Your Advantages at a Glance:


Custom brand design


Proprietary technology


Visible and invisible security features


Application by means of hot stamping or cold foil transfer


TRUSTCODE® authentication – fast and easy via smartphone

Customized Security Designs Thanks to Nanotechnology


For the Automotive Industry

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For Consumer and Luxury Goods

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For Tobacco Products

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One Brand, Many Possibilities

TRUSTSEAL® Protect Security Features

With TRUSTSEAL® Protect thin-film technology, you protect branded products long term - even if only the mesmerizing design is recognizable at first glance. TRUSTSEAL® Protect boasts various integrated features that protect and reliably authenticate your products in the long term.

Surface Relief

Unique impression of depth for the design element, although it is completely flat.


The text ‘ORIGINAL’ can be seen using a magnifying glass or a microscope.

Latent Contrust

If the label is tilted forward significantly, the small lock symbol and the ‘LOGO’ brand appear against a light background.

Discover More of Our Visual Security Features:


TRUSTSEAL® Protect Spotlight

TRUSTSEAL® Protect Dynamic Matte

TRUSTSEAL® Protect Deep View

TRUSTSEAL® Protect Colorful Blinkies

TRUSTSEAL® Protect Matte

The Security Specialist for Hot Stamping and Cold Transfer

Brand protection is not a question of the printing process. Whether hot stamping or cold transfer, you can rely on our TRUSTSEAL® holograms for tamper-proof single image designs for your brand or for your brand protection application.

Discover our easy-to-integrate cold transfer module DISTORUN® that ensures precise and resource saving application of cold transfer single images. From subtle details to large-scale surfaces, cold transfer is ideal for creating lasting decors, especially on heat-sensitive substrates.


No matter which process you end up choosing, we have the right formulation for you.


Visual vs. Digital Protection: With Track & Trace, Business Analytics, And The Like

You can combine TRUSTSEAL® Protect with other features - from serialization via QR codes or barcodes to the integration of RFID or NFC chips. You can read the safety information on your smartphone. With our TRUSTCODE® software, the information is verified, transferred to your ERP system, and analyzed in more depth with your own or our software solutions.

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