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TRUSTCODE® Security Software

Digital Authentication – Simply by Smartphone

TRUSTCODE® is our answer to the ever-increasing demand for digital security solutions. The software package is not only the basis for contactless authentication, track & trace, and digital brand worlds but also the best counterpart to the visual security features of TRUSTSEAL® Protect.

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TRUSTCODE®: So How Does It work?

Our TRUSTCODE® solutions work on any desktop PC, smartphone, or iPad. With just one multi-scan, all product data are collected simultaneously and automatically verified by our software, including the information from the TRUSTSEAL® security hologram, the serial number, and the encrypted QR code on your product.

Function, Scope, and Service

Digital Verification

Our digital security software is based on a cloud-supported database system. This is used to store product information for digital proof of authenticity. The aim is for suppliers, dealers, and the like to be able to verify the authenticity of your goods, digitally and regardless of location.

Monitoring with TRUSTCODE®

Another important function is to monitor your supply chain in order to uncover gray market activities and optimize your processes.

In-House Team of Experts

We work with in-house servers to ensure the security of your data. The advantages for you are plain to see: 24/7 monitoring, faster problem solving, and in-house experts who can help you with any questions or difficulties you may have.

Globally Ready

Our solution is cloud-based – you can synchronize product data worldwide. You can retrieve and analyze data at any time via ERP systems, business analytics applications, or your web browser.

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