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TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Features for Electronic Products

Customers Trust Original Products – So Protect Them!

Time and time again, customs investigators seize millions of copies of semiconductor counterfeits. The components usually don’t work as described in the specifications. If the counterfeits are used by a company, they can destroy assemblies and equipment, paralyze production, or even endanger human lives.

The secure authentication of original products, the seamless monitoring of supply chains, and the visible differentiation of counterfeits is therefore also essential in the B2B sector. On the one hand, this protects the image of your brand. On the other hand, it also safeguards the investment by your users and contributes to their business continuity.

Product Protection for Your Consumer Electronic Goods:




Smart watches


Power supplies


Straightening irons

Smart Protection for Your Electronics

Product Identity, Track & Trace

Our products give your original products a unique identity – through visual and digital security features including serialization. With a simple scan on your smartphone, you can check these features and verify them with the TRUSTCODE® software. The tracking feature lets you track items and analyze supply chains around the world.

We Safeguard Your Business Continuity:

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